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“He leans in, his face vivid and clear. The soft and transparent hairs on his flawlessly smooth cheeks and the individual strands of his light-blond locks cascading from behind his ear as they come untucked are repulsing and lovely at the same time. And up closer, his icy eyes—every shade of blue imaginable—shimmer around slit-like pupils. Then pain plunges muscle deep into her neck.

He is beautiful.
He is terrifying.
He is going to kill her.”

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Moriah Jane strives to fill bookshelves with clean, high quality, and immersive stories for young adult and middle-grade readers. Ever since she was old enough to hold a Barbie in her hand, Jane has been creating fantastical adventures ranging from magical fantasies to thrilling science fiction. As a notoriously picky reader, Jane struggled to find…

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Finding God in Anime (#1)

Click here for your free e-book! I am pleased to announce my first devotional! Together with Laura A. Grace, we have pulled together a devotional especially designed for anime lovers. Finding God in Anime features short devotionals by numerous authors! Fans are saying it’s: “Inspiring…whether you’ve watched hundreds of anime or not.” ~ Goodreads reviewer…

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